1. Use of personal information

The information you have provided by answering SONEC questionnaires will be stored by SONEC for communication and network building purposes only. 

By answering our questionnaire you agree to be contacted in order to disseminate SONEC’s concept -including the distribution of the SONEC manual – and support the implementation of SONEC in your community.

Only SONEC personnel have access to this information. 

No personal information will be given to third parties outside the SONEC project, and under no circumstance passed to any commercial entities.

No personal information will be published. Any information to be used for publishing will be anonymised.

All your personal data will be deleted after the end of this SONEC project.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by writing to [email protected].

2. Future use and reuse of the information by others 

By sending the filled out questionnaire you give permission for the information about your project and your recommendations for SONEC that you provide to be deposited in SONEC data base so the anonymised informations can be used for future research and learning.

3. Project contact details for further information 


[email protected]

SONEC project management:  

Sociocracy Center Austria 

Address: Maria-Lassnig-Str. 32, 1100 Wien 

Email: [email protected] 

Website: https://www.soziokratiezentrum.at