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Mission Statement:

Our project group consists of organizations from civil society (Soziokratie Zentrum Augsburg, Lebensraum Schwabencenter) and Augsburg city administration (Directorate 3, Office for Local Prevention, Office for Sustainability). We strive for broader participation at a level playground and active participation in shaping the living environment in the district and in the neighborhoods. The goal is a good, sustainable life for everyone in terms of the social, ecological, economic and cultural sustainability goals of Augsburg.

We are inspired by the sociocratic children’s and neighborhood parliaments in India and the „Neighborocracy” concept deriving from it. We are part of SONEC with the „Lebendige Nachbarschaft“ („Lively Neighborhood”) pilot project in cooperation with the „Soziale Stadt („Socially Integrative City”), Jakobervorstadt Nord” neighborhood management and the „Demokratie Leben” („Live Democracy”) program.

Contact Information:


Email: [email protected]

Phone: DE: +0821.324-7325

Country: Germany